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Ready for The New Guy to Leave

Posted by Non-Hamster on July 24th, 2010

Harry, a recent immigrant to Nutjob Hills, is only going to be living around here for the summer and is expected to leave before the first freeze.  Personally, I've already had all I can tolerate of him.

You see he's one of those that, even when actually on vacation, never really takes the day off.  He's a dealer in office furniture supplies from New York City and he is determined to outfit every office in town while he's "on vacation".

I was in for it the second he found out that I had a home office.  Never mind the fact that my business almost never requires the use of one, he spent three days trying to sell me a set of file cabinets.  I finally had to tell him "that's what computers are for, get out."

Two days later he's back trying to sell me all sorts of office related computer hardware and software.  I let him know that I have all the software and hardware I need.  Even then, I had to threaten to have the local cops haul his carcass off of my property if he ever showed up again.

I hate it when people don't take "NO" for an answer.

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