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Pushy Salesman on Vacation Returns

Posted by Non-Hamster on July 27th, 2010

He was back again yesterday.  That sales guy on "vacation" whom I spent valuable time trying to get rid of a few days ago is at it again.  He's still trying to capitalize on the fact that I have a home office (note to self, don't mention that to strangers in the future!!).  Currently he's doing his level best to convince me that I need a document management software software suite.  Not just a program, a whole effing suite!

When it comes to sales, this guy plays hardball.  To him a vacation isn't a good reason to forget the job and take it easy, it's just an opportunity to work on his hard sell tactics and sell stuff at inflated prices so that he can make a larger than usual commission.  It's just my ill fortune that he picked Nutjob Hills this year.

Thing is, I already have all of the "document management" stuff that I need.  I've got several large drawers in my desk.  I also have a file cabinet and several large bookshelves.  For electronic documents, I have my email program and a system of directories on my hard drive that I designed myself to keep things organized.  Switching to any program would, for me, be way too much trouble.  Because I designed my system myself, I can find anything in it easily.

He tried to argue that issue "what if somebody else needs to find something?" he asked.  "They can just ask me." I replied.  A perfectly reasonable answer since I work alone.

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