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Another New Video Series

Posted by Non-Hamster on August 5th, 2010

In the relative peace that's been the general rule for nearly the last two full weeks while the super pushy salesman from Chicago is off somewhere being suspiciously quiet cooking up his next super sales push, I have been busy.  The first thing I did was to replace an aging doorknob on my front door with a good, solid, Schlage model before he has a chance to notice the old one was falling apart from age and start pushing some super expensive replacement on me.

The second is that I've been working on the script for part two of the 2nd episode of Phat Trek and I hope to start shooting video for it later today.

On top of that, my third item is that I am getting a new video series started.  I call this one "watching bad videos so you don't have to".  This series is going to be about videos that I find on youtube that I think are good and worth sharing with others.  The idea is to help make it just a little easier to find the gems in the ocean of crap.

Here's the first episode of it.  The second should be up in a day or two.

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