Even A Broken Clock Is Right Twice A Day

…That’s what I’ve been thinking since a visit from mr. pushy salesman from Chicago this morning. I’ve been somewhat shocked because, in this case, he’s right. Not only that, but while I don’t doubt for one second that he stands to make a healthy commission from those who buy from him (not that I will, I do know better), the basic argument he made was dead on.

I don’t know why he started talking about this now, in the middle of August but he started in about led christmas lights and about how much safer and less expensive to operate they are than standard (dare I say “Old Fashioned”?) incandescent style christmas lights.

To be honest, they ARE safer. They’re a LOT safer because they operate just a degree or so above room temperature. Nobody’s going to ever get burned on one of those and it’s not going to start a fire either if somebody leaves a set of ’em turned on overnight.

Then there’s the cost of using them. LED lights have a much longer operating life… on the order of 50,000 hours or more which means they don’t have to be replaced as often. They also use less power so that means that it costs less to run them. the power to run a single incandescent bulb is enough to run a bunch of LED lights.

So yeah, I’ll be using LED type lights the next time I hang any. But I’m still not going to get ’em from pushy.

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