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Secret Partly Exposed

Posted by Non-Hamster on August 13th, 2010

For some time now I've been wondering what the pushy salesman guy that's "on vacation" from his full time job in Chicago has been up to.  Up until a couple of weeks ago he's been doing his level best to sell anything and everything that has the chance of netting him a huge commission during his "vacation" here in Nutjob Hills.

It turns out that his vacation has been extended (and here I was hoping he'd go home soon.) so that he can take an extra month or more attending not one but three online Schools in an effort to learn new ways to come up with the ultimate "killer sales strategy".  The reason for this is actually pretty simple.

During this "vacation" he's been particularly focused on making some kind of big sale to me because I have been instrumental in defeating several scams he's tried to push off not only on me but also on many of the good (if really wacky) citizens of Nutjob Hills.  They may be loony as all get out but they don't deserve to be ripped of by the likes of him.

Since shortly after he arrived here he's been trying to make a sale to me.  He started small at first and then, when I proved to be a most determined non-buyer, he began doubling and tripling his efforts.  He's tried to sell me some of the most outlandish and totally unnecessary things for my home office, for my home, and my car.

Apparently my flat refusal to buy something I don't need and don't want has him stumped and he's going back to school to make sure he's up on all of the latest ways to convince somebody to buy.

Personally, I think he should go someplace where people want whatever it is he's selling that week and leave me and the citizens of Nutjob Hills alone.  If he starts in on me again I may just turn "bologna sandwich guy" loose on him and if that's not enough, there's a whole host of floons around here I can send after him that will challenge his very sanity.

Simply put, if he starts harassing me again the gloves are coming off.  After all, this *IS* Nutjob Hills and I perfectly willing to fight dirty.

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