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Man Fakes His Death To Avoid A Court Case

Posted by Non-Hamster on August 17th, 2010

Michael Rosen of Salem Mass. did something that, in my opinion, takes away all doubt that he's a dumb criminal.

He had a court case pending and he obviously didn't want to appear so he cooked up a truly cockeyed plan to get out of it.  He made up a phony death certificate and went to the Salem District Court claiming to be his brother and gave them the phony death certificate which said he had died the week before.  A clerk in the office dutifully put it in Rosen's file and of course, the case was dismissed.

The charade fell apart when his parole officer heard that the case had been dismissed.  Apparently he had spoken to Rosen earlier and he was very much alive.

Then another parole officer noticed that the death certificate stated the cause of death as "cardio-respiratory arrest". This tipped him off because he knew that the correct term would have been "cardiac-respiratory arrest".

Also the cemetery name was spelled wrong, "Temple Isreal" instead of "Temple Israel", the location Saugus Mass. was misspelled "Saugas", the certificate did not have a raised seal and it was printed on the wrong kind of paper.

Details.  They'll get you every time.

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