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It Rises Again

Posted by Non-Hamster on August 19th, 2010

That title sounds kinda like a horror movie doesn't it?  Well perhaps someday it will be one.  If so it will be one of many in a long line of sequels about a pushy salesman from Chicago that is allegedly "on vacation" but whose actual stated goal is to sell something to everybody in Nutjob Hills.

He came to town in the Spring on what everybody assumed was a two week vacation.  He's still here.  He was quiet for a while but he's back at it now.  Doing his level best to sell everything from customized sporting goods such as personalized baseball bats and vacation tours of the baseball hall of fame to plots in a yet to be constructed graveyard on the moon that are all guaranteed to have a fantastic view of the Earth for at least two weeks of every month.

The shame of it is that I've heard he has actually sold five of those eternal resting places on the moon already!  I almost dread thinking about what he'll try to sell next or who his next victim will be.

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