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How To Know Someone's Been In The Sun Too Long

Posted by Non-Hamster on August 21st, 2010

I suppose the normal thing to do with a title like this one is to provide a list but honestly, those lists all basically turn out to be variations on doing an assorted number of weird things.  So instead I'm just going to recount one incident that happened here in Nutjob Hills recently.

It involves the pushy salesman in one of his many attempts to sell people stuff that they don't need, don't want and / or couldn't use if they did buy.  I have no idea why but he recently decided that he absolutely had to sell a gross of running shorts, perhaps he had a leftover stock from something else but it's more likely that he found 'em on sale someplace super cheap but couldn't sell 'em where he normally would at the price he normally gets for 'em.. who knows?

The odd part of this is his choice of people that he was going to badger into buying them.  His victim has been a resident of these parts all his life and has always been in pretty good shape.  He also had a reputation as something of an athlete.  The only fly in that ointment is that he was in an accident a few years ago and has been in a wheelchair since then.  Obviously he has no need for running shorts, at least not for running.

As I hear it told, pushy turned on the nostalgia and poured it on until the guy gave in.  Now every once in a while you'll see him in his powered wheelchair, wearing running shorts.

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