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Strange New Resident

Posted by Non-Hamster on September 1st, 2010

We've got a new resident in town and he's certainly manged to get a lot of people talking about him quickly.  I think the first clue was when one of the largest, most expensive homes in the area was sold in an online transaction.  No, the new owner didn't buy "sight unseen".  Apparently he had some representatives handle inspecting the property and close the deal.  However he himself did not appear until three nights ago.

He rolled into town in a chauffeured limousine that was not only the largest one to ever roll through town, it was also the strangest.  On the roof of it, instead of the traditional sunroof so common these days, there was two sets of yakima racks upon which were fastened two containers, roughly the size and shape of coffins.  This is easily the first time I have ever seen a limousine used to transport luggage, especially such large containers.  I only wish that I'd had a camera handy, it would have made an interesting picture for certain.

There's no word yet just who this mystery person is but one thing's for certain.  He's got loads of money.  I heard that when the deal for the mansion was closed, the Realtor was paid off in cash, delivered by an attorney accompanied by some VERY unpleasant looking bodyguard types who had large telltale bulges under their jackets that were obviously large caliber firearms.

The next day a work crew came in and started erecting a twelve foot high privacy fence with a double gated entryway around the entire premises.

More oddness comes from the fact that the workers were all imported and apparently do not, or at least will not, speak English.  Preferring instead to keep to an eastern European sounding language that, while not German, sounds Germanic in it's roots.

I can see that this new resident is going to be interesting at the very least.

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