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Joey's Hopeless Quest

Posted by Non-Hamster on September 18th, 2010

"Joey" is an interesting case.  I'm not exactly sure when he got started on this particularly odd little quest but he is dead set on proving that people over the age of 22 do not get acne and that any claims to the contrary are some kind of conspiracy.  Exactly who is behind this alleged conspiracy he has not said.

A lot of people have tried to convince him that he's on a hopeless quest because acne in adults is a reality.  People of all ages suffer from acne due to a wide assortment of reasons that range from genetic predisposition to eating too much chocolate and not washing thoroughly enough to keep pores clear.

I've spoken to him myself about this and told him that I, at the age of 51, still have the occasional zit.  He immediately retorted that he's never seen any remote hint of a zit on me.  When I told him that not all zits appear on the face and that while he will never see mine, they do happen once in a great while, he replied "yeah.  right." and walked away as unconvinced as he was before.

Some people refuse to believe even if the proof WAS right in their faces.

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