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Posted by Non-Hamster on September 21st, 2010

There's a really strange rumor going around town for the last few days.  It involves a local guy that for years most people around here have only known as "Greasy" because of his amazingly oily skin.  For years he's tried every known (and several unknown) type of oily skin treatment known to man.  He's spent months at a time researching and concocting new formulas, trying to find himself a permanent cure that would release him from the moniker that he despised so much.

From what I've heard, his plight came to be known to our recent new resident and he was invited out to the mansion.  He wasted no time going out there.  He was not seen for several days and then last night he returned.

The familiar shine was gone from his skin, while he looked somewhat pale, he was happier than anybody can remember seeing him.  The only thing that doesn't quite ring true is that he refuses to say anything about how this miraculous cure was achieved.

Somehow that part doesn't quite ring true.  He's had this problem all of his life and he's said many times that if he ever finds a solution he would see to it that everybody with a bad oily skin problem got it so that they wouldn't have to go through life with the misery that he had to endure.  Now that he has found a solution he is unwilling to even discuss it, let alone share the secret with anyone.

Like I said.  Something isn't quite right.

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