Teenage Inventor

Not all inventors, very few in fact, are those neat as a pin android looking guys in white lab coats. This is even more true here in Nutjob Hills. One such example is a local teen that was so desperate to come up with a way to do something about the massive acne problem that erupted on his face at the age of 13.

He’s a bright kid and very quickly decided to do something about his problem. First he tried all of the over the counter treatments with no luck. Then he started researching and trying every cure he could find mention of, again with no good results at all.

Then after even more research he decided that he had come up with an idea for something that would be the best acne cream ever made. He took some aspirin tablets and crushed them up and mixed them with a skin toner. He used this to scrub his face three times a day for a month.

He claims that it works perfectly and I have to admit that it seems his face is clearing up. I just can’t help wondering how much of that was his concoction and how much was him turning 19 and probably growing out of the acne phase.

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