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She's A Social Girl

Posted by Non-Hamster on October 1st, 2010

"Miss Society" is probably THE up and coming "popular girl" in all of Nutjob Hills.  She's involved in all sorts of things that give her a very high profile socially.  She's also extremely conscious of her appearance.  Word is that recently she had a most alarming scare.  Apparently she was sporting a pimple that to hear her tell about it was at least ten pounds and covered her entire face.

Obviously that's an exaggeration but it is true that acne is very alarming to people who are very into the whole society thing.  When your world revolves around being with other people your appearance can be very important (especially if you're also as self involved as some people can be).  She immediately ran out to buy every acne treatment known from epiduo to what looks to me like a medium grade of sandpaper that sells for $10 for a few three inch circles.  (maybe I'm in the wrong business?).

Mr. Helpful heard about this and provided some basic tips that most teens should probably already know about treating acne.

The Aloe Vera plant has long been proven to improve healing.  Using it to treat acne is a as simple as applying a liberal coating after washing your face right before going to bed.

Tea tree oil is another effective treatment for acne.  Look around for a tea tree based soap and then simply shower with it and you're done.

Limit sugars and chocolates.  Most people eat several times more sugar than is good for them.  I realize that a lot of folks think they can't survive without their sweets however it's well worth giving it a try.  If you do, and stick with it, you'll quickly see for yourself that cutting down the sugars will help.

RELAX.  Stress contributes to the production of oils in the skin.  Find ways to relax and reduce your stress levels anytime you can.  This will not only help your acne situation but you'll very likely live longer and be happier doing it.

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