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The Downside of Older Homes

Posted by Non-Hamster on October 2nd, 2010

Considering an older home?  Ralph is.  He found one that looks really nice through the Nutjob Hills realty office.  It's a large Victorian style home that hasn't been lived in for over thirty years.  The one downside is that it was built in the 1950's.  So of course the first thing that he needs to do is get the place thoroughly inspected.

It's a good thing he did too.  The inspector started right off by using epa certified lead test kits on samples of the paint from all areas of the house.  It turns out that there were several rooms that had been painted and repainted over the years, each time with lead based paint.  This means that on top of some plumbing issues and a new roof, he's going to have to get a crew in there and have all that lead paint stripped off and repaint those rooms.

There was a couple of other things about that house he found out about just yesterday.  The first was a bit strange, as old as that house is and as long as it's been since anybody's lived there, it's got a room in the basement loaded with sophisticated surveillance equipment that allows every room in the house and all approaches to it outside to be monitored from that one spot.

Second, It's got a dungeon.  I don't mean a really big, gloomy, messy cellar.  I mean a dungeon.  It's got all sorts of medieval torture devices in it, several sets of manacles hanging from one wall, and some really ugly dark stains on the floor.

One has to ask, just who was it that lived there before?

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