Reinventing The Wheel

You may recall the story of a local Nutjob Hills teenager that invented his own acne cure. Well, in an attempt to outdo him, his brother has come along several years later with his own invention.

He had the same terrible acne problem that his older brother did and he also had the same problem finding a treatment that would work. He also tried his brother’s invention and I’m honestly not surprised that it didn’t do anything for him at all.

So he set out to come up with something that would work on his acne problem. He eventually did come up with an acne gel that he made from Aloe Vera that did take care of the problem in a matter of weeks. The big difference between his idea and his brother’s was that his had repeatable results. It worked the same for others as it did for him.

The only question remaining is will he be able to get a patent on it or not? I’m kind of doubtful because I’m almost sure that the formula that he came up with has been done before commercially and while that certainly puts a damper on any plans to get rich with it, at least his face no longer resembles a sausage pizza.

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