Skateboard Guru

Here in Nutjob Hills, in addition to a wide variety of uniquely strange people, we have quite a number of experts on an equally wide variety of subjects. In Bobby’s case, it’s skateboards.

He’s been riding them since he was nine and has become the foremost expert concerning anything that has to do with skateboards. He’s got a shop in his parent’s garage that’s filled with all manner of things such as ball bearings, sleeve bearings, thrust bearings, thrust bearings, roller bearings, risers, shock pads, trucks, decks and so on.

I’ve no doubt that he could build several dozen skateboards just from the parts that he keeps around for when he’s working on something new or doing repairs on an existing board.

I’ve heard recently that he is now working on perfecting his execution of every known skateboarding stunt and is even trying to develop at least one new stunt in which he rides a skateboard UP a flight of stairs.

I get the feeling that one is going to take a while.