IWC? What’s that?

I recently saw an acronym that I hadn’t run into before and had no idea what it could possibly stand for. Well, I am not a hamster, I know that when it comes to finding out trivial or odd things like this Google is your friend. I quickly found a list of several possibilities on the Free Online Dictionary and Thesaurus and here they are for your enjoyment

Acronym Definition
IWC Ice Water Content
IWC Idaho Wheat Commission
IWC In Which Case
IWC In-stream Waste Concentration
IWC Inches Water Column
IWC Indianapolis Water Company
IWC Indoor Wireless Communication
IWC Industrial Welfare Commission
IWC Information Warfare Commander (US Navy)
IWC Inside Wiring Cable
IWC International Watch Company (Swiss watch manufacturer)
IWC International Whaling Commission
IWC International Wheat Council
IWC International Whistlers Convention
IWC Internet Wrestling Community
IWC Iowa Wesleyan College
IWC Issue Worthless Check

Hrm.. maybe I ought to do more of these.. you know, sort of an “enhance your word power” kind of thing… Maybe an Acronym of the day or something like that. Gotta think about that one a bit, I like the sound of it though.