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Posted by Non-Hamster on October 16th, 2010

No, it's not Fat Albert.  Actually, it's Gigantic George, Nutjob Hill's own world class food critic.  Ok, he may not be quite as "world class" as he would have everyone believe but around here, restaurants live and die by his reviews.

George's big problem is that the "Gigantic" in his nickname is there fore a reason.  At last report he weighed in at over 450 pounds.  He's been taking a lot of time off lately as he searches for safe diet pills that work Because of his health he really isn't good enough for him to be able to do much exercise and his job (which he refuses to quit), requires him to do a lot of eating that most people don't.

Then again, I have to wonder if it really is necessary for him to review the same 23 restaurants (all of them in the area) quite as often as he does.  He samples dishes from every part of all of their menus at least once a week and does even more whenever they introduce any change in the menu.

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