Which Definition?

The other day I ran across an acronym that I hadn’t heard of and just for the heck of it when I looked it up I decided to post my findings here. I am not a hamster, I know a good thing when I see it, so here’s another one. By the way, when an acronym has so many possible definitions, how can you be certain which one somebody is referring to? I can see how it could be easy to confuse First Data Corporation with Federal Disaster Control if the context wasn’t clear to the reader.

Acronym Definition
FDC Facility Design Criteria
FDC Father’s Day Council Carolinas
FDC Fault Decision Criteria
FDC Fault Detection and Classification
FDC Federal Data Corporation
FDC Federal Detention Center
FDC Federal Disaster Control
FDC Field Data Computer
FDC Fight Directors Canada
FDC File Delete Child
FDC Final Design Criteria
FDC Fire Department Connection
FDC Fire Detection Center
FDC Fire Direction Center
FDC First Data Corporation
FDC First Day Cover
FDC First Digitized Corps
FDC First District Court
FDC Fixed Drug Combination
FDC Fixed-Decade Capacitor
FDC Fixed-Dose-Combination
FDC Fleur de Coin (French: mint condition; coin collecting)
FDC Flexy Disk Controller
FDC Flight Data Center
FDC Flight Data Company
FDC Flight Director Computer
FDC Floppy Disk Controller
FDC Florida Department of Citrus
FDC Flow Duration Curve (surface hydrology)
FDC Food Development Center (Philippines)
FDC Forest Decimal Classification
FDC Formation Drone Control
FDC Forward Data Channel
FDC Forward Direction Center
FDC Freedom from Debt Coalition (Philippines)
FDC Frequency Domain Coding
FDC Frequency Domain Convolution
FDC Fully Distributed Costs
FDC Functional Data Coordinator
FDC Functional Design Criterion
fDc Fragness Defence Clan (gaming clan)