Solar Decathlon Going On Now

Here’s something that’s happening now. It’s called the BP Solar Decathlon. Sponsored by BP and the US Dept of Energy every couple of years, this event puts twenty teams of engineers and designers against each other in a competition to build a house that is completely solar powered and energy efficient.

Thing is, the house they create not only has to be solar powered and energy efficient, the thing also has to be livable… It’s got to be a house that Joe and Jane ordinary would be willing (and able) to live in without turning their lives inside out. I am not a hamster, nobody is going to want to live in something that won’t accommodate their normal lifestyle.

The week-long competition at the National Mall in Washington goes from October 11–19 and is intended to discover and showcase possibilities for homes and other things that can operate on clean, renewable energy.

BP is one of the primary corporate sponsors (that’s probably why they have their name on it) and they’re the energy company sponsoring (as of this writing anyway) of the 2007 Solar Decathlon. They’ve also been involved in this thing since the first competition was held in 2002

BP has also created a blog that will carry reports from team members and an on-site reporter that will be written about the competition and you can find it here: