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Allergic State?

Posted by Non-Hamster on October 27th, 2010

Ken is a local businessman that's been enjoying quite a bit of success lately.  So much so that a couple months ago his boss decided to send him to the companies head office in Austin Texas so that he could spend a few weeks there explaining his methods and training people to follow his system that has made the company so much money.

The problem started as Ken drove across the Texas state line.  Within minutes he was sneezing, his eyes were watering and his sinuses were completely stuffed up.

By the time they arrived in Austin he was nearly incapacitated.  Not only that but he had started developing some nasty lesions all over his body.  A visit to the local emergency room got no results other than it was obvious that he was having an allergic reaction to something.  He got a referral to the best allergy doctor austin had to offer.  After an exhausting series of tests the doctor gave him the oddest news I've heard of in a while.  He told Ken that he was allergic to the state of Texas.

Apparently all of these tests (and they were VERY thorough and extensive) came back with negative results.  They tested him for every known allergen and all of those tests came back clean.  Ken is not allergic to pollen, dust, or any of the literally thousands of things that people have allergies to.  He was allergic to being in Texas.

What's really strange is that when Ken returned home, every single one of his symptoms vanished completely within thirty minutes of crossing the state line back in to Arkansas.  Ken really is allergic to Texas.

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