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Political Correctness And The Fifth Of November

Posted by Non-Hamster on November 6th, 2010

Youtube orbiter katinatreesee, in her video Remember Remember the Fifth of November Full Poem (171/365), gave a "disclaimer" explaining that the word "faggot" as it was used in that poem refers to it's original meaning "a bundle of sticks" and that she wasn't going to use it because it was not "not very suitable for our generation".

Not wanting to offend people is one thing, Political Correctness is something else entirely. Many in my generation used to call it "brain dead".

Oh, and just for the record (though I shouldn't have to say it), this is not a shot at katinatreesee, it's a shot at political correct bullshit.

She chose not to use the word both because she did not want there to be video of her using it and because of of her desire not to hurt people that she knows who have been hurt by malicious use of that word in the past.

That's a far cry from alteringbutchering language just to avoid the mere possibility that somebody MIGHT be offended.  People are entirely too much "in touch with their feelings" these days and not nearly in touch enough with their thinking minds.

Political Correctness is bullshit.  Or, as we used to say when I was younger, PC = Brain Dead.

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