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A Stranger in Town

Posted by Non-Hamster on December 8th, 2010

The stranger breezed into town yesterday afternoon driving a brand new looking jet black Cadillac.  Nobody thought much of it at first because while this is a small town we do get strangers passing through now and then.  We even get a small tourist trade of people who come here for various and sundry local events.

This stranger was somehow a bit different.  He pulled up in front of the diner on Main st.  and got out.  He was a tall man wearing black jeans and sporting a rocawear hoodie with "R+" on the front of it in what looked like the "28 Days Later" font.  In spite of it being slightly warmer because it was the middle of the afternoon he kept the hood pulled over his face.  He also wore heavy looking black leather gloves.

He went into the diner and asked directions to the mansion on the edge of town where the odd European gentleman with airs of nobility lives, said "thank you" in one of the most bone chilling voices I've heard in a long time and left.

I can't help wondering what this stranger is up to and why his arrival sets off a "Red Alert" in the back of my head.

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