Help For The GIMP

Before anyone from the humor impaired set gets upset about that subject, I’m talking about “GNU Image manipulation Program”, otherwise known as GIMP.

I did my first “Wordless Wednesday” post yesterday and in getting ready for it I ran into a problem. I recently got a copy of GIMP because I’ve come to prefer using Freeware Open Source Software whenever possible and GIMP has had enough of a reputation as a powerful graphics package that’s on par with PhotoShop, only free. This means it’s likely to be one of the favorite toys for doing stuff to graphics

If you’ll look at the post I’m talking about, you’ll see that what I wanted to do to it was simple enough.. draw a circle with a straight line through it using lines 25 pixels wide. Using the graphics programs I know about (not many really), it’s pretty easy to do, you select a tool for drawing a circle or ellipse, set the line width and color, then click and drag to create and position the shape.

In GIMP I’ve not found a tool to do that yet. I am not a hamster, I know the most popular reply to a help request is going to be RTFM, but I’m going to ask anyway and yeah, I’m going to RTFM as well when I get some time.

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  1. I found an FAQ that answers your question. The short version is, select a circular area, paint it, reduce the size of the selection and erase. All of this is on a new layer, of course…

    From the FAQ:

    # How can I draw a circle with the GIMP?

    Use the elliptical select tool, hold down CTRL key to constrain as circle, fill the selected area with new color, right click on selected area, choose SELECT, SHRINK, shrink selection by whatever number of pixels you want your circle width to be, right click again in selected area, choose EDIT, CUT. Voila, one beautifully antialased circle.

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