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Privilege Or Pain In The Arse?

Posted by Non-Hamster on December 12th, 2010

I have somewhat mixed feelings on the subject.

Some months ago (or is it a year now, I forget) I became a "Neilsen houshold", only not for television ratings and such like.  This is for grocery purchases.  They sent me a barcode scanner that I use to scan everything I buy and enter price information.  Then, once a week, I connect it to my computer with a USB cable and transmit that data to them.

This data, collected from thousands of households across the country becomes a wealth of market research data that retailers and manufacturers use to decide what products will sell best and for what price and so on.

The problem is that all too often I'm busy with other things and forget to transmit the weeks data until the week is long done.  Sometimes I either forget to scan purchases or simply decide "I haven't got time for this right now" and not bother.

One of these days the pain in the arse factor is going to outweigh the potential "goodies" that one can get with the points that one earns for doing this on a regular basis.  When that happens the thing will go back into it's box and the return shipping label they included with it will be applied and I'll drop it off at the post office, delete the software from my computer and be done with it.

In the mean time I continue doing the scanning, transmitting and collecting of points in the admittedly slim-to-none hope that I'll eventually accrue enough points to get something worthwhile.

Yeah.  Right.  That's gonna happen.

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1 Comment

  1. TwoTonTilly on 14.12.2010 at 09:24 (Reply)

    Too bad that Obama does NOT listen to the survey results to check about the cost of living.  He would then realize that the cost of living is flying higher and higher each day.  He keeps forgetting that not everyone gets their food bills paid by the governement (without any price list mind you).

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