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The Price Of Not Making Sure

Posted by Non-Hamster on December 16th, 2010

Even out here in the sticks we have our fair share of crime (although I fail to see what's "fair" about it.) and it covers the whole range of possible crimes from murder (pretty rare around here but it does happen like last summer when Joe-Bob was caught Schtupping the mayor's wife), all the way down to assorted cases of the pettiest of larcenies.

For example there's Joe-Bob.  About a year before his mishap with the mayor's wife and the mayor's .12 gauge he had one of those days that would make most people reconsider their choice of occupation.

He thought he had hit on some big international shipment of priceless art and had decided he was going to "collect" it.  He cased the warehouse where it was being stored, hired a some muscle to help him cart stuff to a truck and lined up a buyer for it so that he could unload it quickly.

The job went off without a hitch.  There was only one problem.  When he met with the buyer they wanted to inspect the merchandise before completing payment.  Imagine the look of utter shock on Joe-Bob's face when the crates contained nothing but imported French lingerie.  There wasn't a painting, sculpture or photograph in the entire lot.  Joe-Bob was speechless.  The buyer was, to say the least, considerably less than amused.

The single most amazing part of that is that Joe-Bob and two of his three hired hands made it out without so much as a scratch.

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