1968 Dodge Charger Everybody knows at least one of these. It’s the guy down the block that never seems to have anything or go much of anywhere. He’s saving money, walking a paper route, scarfing up returnable bottles (dated myself there didn’t I?) for the deposits. When he wasn’t doing that he’s out doing odd jobs, mowing lawns whatever.

That’s when he’s like 13 or 14 years old. When he gets older he’s one of the first guys to show up in the local gas station pumping gas or slinging burgers at McNasty’s. Around then he decides he’s saved long enough and buys his first car. It’s old, kinda beat up and doesn’t look like it’ll hold together long enough to get it home. Next thing you know everything he’s doing is all about that car. All of his money goes for Dodge Charger accessories and replacement parts. He spends hours repairing and replacing everything on it. By the time he’s 17 the car is finished, repainted and looking like it just drove off the showroom floor. The whole thing has been restored to cherry condition and the motor has been tuned up, bored out and generally transformed into the most powerful engine that make of car has ever had in it.

When it’s all said and done most guys graduate and end up in dead end jobs.. Scrounger turns around after high school and sells his car for a fortune and ends up with a boatload of cash and his own shop where he gets paid to do the one thing he loved doing… restoring old cars and selling them.