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I Want To Do This Someday

Posted by Non-Hamster on December 20th, 2010

The Christmas season and the inevitable "what do you want for Christmas" questions that come up (which I always have a hard time answering) has gotten me thinking about something I want to do someday.

You see, while I've got a really good Toshiba Satellite Pro laptop (finally!) that currently does a great job of handling everything I ask it to do, someday I want to visit (in person!) one of those places that builds custom laptops to order and have them build a dream laptop for me.  Correction, I want to have 'em build about a dozen of them so that I could give a bunch of them as gifts.

I'm talking about a machine that would be bleeding edge technology with all the best of everything on it.  At least a pair of the fastest six core processors on the market, the maximum amount of memory they could address, at least two terabytes of hard drive space, CD/DVD/BluRay player-burner, 17 inch screen, 12 hour battery, optical 3 button wheel mouse with several extra programmable buttons and all of the latest and greatest video and audio editing software.

I realize though that such a machine would cost out the wazoo and in all likelyhood by the time I could afford 'em, they'd be obsolete.

Still, I can dream can't I?

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