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Bob Seeking Revenge

Posted by Non-Hamster on December 20th, 2010

A few days ago Bob, the host of Points of View found out that I became a youtube partner he's been in a less than pleasant mood.  For some reason he's got the idea in his head that he should have been a partner long before I ever had the chance at it and he's holding me personally responsible for his not getting it yet.

He seems to have the idea that I spend all my time sitting around doing very little more than watching videos and smoking partagas cigars and honestly, while I do enjoy a good cigar once in a great while, I'm usually far too busy for that or even a tenth of the amount of lazy relaxing that Bob seems to think I do.

For one thing, making a daily vlog video is a lot more work that just turning on the camera and talking to it for a few minutes.  There's the little matter of knowing what one is going to be talking about.  Frequently there are scripts to write, virtual sets to create or edit, graphics and music to find and so on.  All that comes before the video editor even starts up.  That's a good hour or two for every one to two minutes of video, sometimes less when it's just a vlog but still.

I'm just curious what form this revenge is going to take.  Bob's always had an attitude but this is new.

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