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The Specialist

Posted by Non-Hamster on December 30th, 2010

He does one thing and I'm told that he does it very well and that it's supposed to be worth every cent of the $10,000 consulting fee that he charges for his services.

What does he do?  He designs home entertainment centers.

Now I'm not talking about a bit of furniture that you set your tv, vcr (do people besides me still use those?), dvd player & so on.  No.

This guy will design and oversee the construction of a new room to be built on to your house.  This new room will be all about entertainment.  He apparently goes all out, even including in the design a lobby where you can store coats, stop at one of those movie theater style popcorn machines and load up on movie snacks before heading into a full blown twelve seat miniature theater built around a 72 inch high definition screen.

The seating is meant to give maximum viewing comfort as well as being comfortable for those who tend to fall asleep during movies.

Why am I talking about him?  Because I hear he wants to build such an entertainment center in my home.  The problem is that he wants to put it where my office slash studio is now.  Not acceptable.  I'd much rather have another room the size of my office, made into a studio.  Complete with a three point lighting system and the walls painted chroma key green.

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