Two Years

Today is the second anniversary of my wife’s death. I have to say that I’m dealing with it a hell of a lot better than I did last year. I won’t talk about that actual day two years ago though.

One of the things that does kinda bug me is that even now I am *STILL* getting mail addressed to her. I also still get phone calls from people and companies that she used to deal with asking for her. You can imagine just how much this thrills me.

For example recently there was a call from a company that was trying to sell her some kind of fancy jewelry. That’s got to be bogus. The reason is that while she liked the look of such things as much as anybody, it just wasn’t her style. Even if I could have gotten her all of the best everlon pieces you could find anywhere she wouldn’t have worn it much if at all. Oh she’d have appreciated the thought and for a while would have worn it. But eventually it would have been put away and only brought out for special occasions… if she bothered then. (usually she didn’t.)