A Pain In The Jaw

Dentemp OSY’know, losing a cap or filling can be every bit as bad as chipping a tooth or something like that. Potential embarrassment aside, it’s literally a pain, especially when it’s not decent enough to at least happen when you can stay home until you can get it fixed. Fortunately there’s something called Dentemp OS that can save the day.

Picture this: You’re on the way to this really important meeting.. you know, the life changing kind like your first time in the corporate boardroom or meeting your future inlaws when all of a sudden WHAM! There goes a filling.

All of a sudden all your preparation and psyching yourself up goes swirling down the drain. You’ve got what seems like the worst toothache and all you want is for it to stop. To add insult to injury you can’t eat because getting something in that hole where the filling used to be… well, you just don’t wanna go there do you?

That’s where Dentemp OS comes in. It’s a temporary dental repair product that you can use to temporarily replace a lost filling or even glue a loose crown back down. What’s great about it is that you can do it yourself and you can eat on it only an hour later .. that’s a LOT quicker than even an emergency dentist visit will be. I am not a hamster, I can see that it’s definitely worth having “Just in case”.