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Ethics In A Weight Loss Contest

Posted by Non-Hamster on January 15th, 2011

In the last year or so I've been in several weight loss contests that were started by various people in the weight loss community on Youtube and in fact I'm thinking seriously about getting involved in another one that's due to start in Early February.

Y'see, while I didn't do very well at all in the first three such contests I was in, this last one that started in October and ended at the beginning of this month had pretty good results.  In that one I dropped 32 pounds in three months!

And while I *really* don't care whether I win one of these contests or not because I consider losing the weight itself to be enough of a prize, I have been wondering lately if using diet pills while in a weight loss contest would be considered to be some form of cheating.  On the one hand the idea is to lose weight, plain and simple, on the other hand, there is the question of how one goes about it.  Granted, the contest rules don't say anything about the method one uses because it's more about the results than anything else.

I still wonder at the ethics of it.  Just because there isn't a rule against something does not necessarily make it right or ok to do.

At least I've got a few weeks before it starts to decide.

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