It took me a while to get myself to see “Smorty” for what it was instead of my mind twisting it around to look like “Smarty”.

You’re probably asking something like “What is Smorty?” about now and that’s a good question. It’s a recent addition to the growing new industry of blog advertising. Simply put, you create a campaign, specifying what you would like people to write about and urls and anchor text to use. Once it’s approved it gets sent out to participating bloggers.

Bloggers write opinions about your website, product or service and provide a link using anchor text you specify. This works out great for everybody involved, advertisers have an easy convenient way to advertise on blogs and bloggers have an opportunity to get paid for blogging. I am not a hamster, the idea of getting paid to write my own opinions of stuff is just too good to pass up.

I know there’s been some people that try to naysay this new industry, but I think it’s very much like the television or print advertising industries were when they got started and like them, blog advertising is here to stay.