Punxsutawney Phil Is A Load Of Crap

Well, more specifically The officialdom in Punxsutawney, PA that continue to perpetrate this asinine myth of a prognosticating groundhog appearing at Gobbler’s Knob every year delivering predictions of whether or not winter will end early, is the real load of crap.

As my brother once pointed out, it’s obvious that nobody has ever taken the time to think through the logic of the groundhog’s predictions.

In truth, when you look at it more closely you realize just how screwed up the whole thing is.

The story goes, If the groundhog sees his shadow on February 2nd then there will be six more weeks of winter. If on the other hand he does not see it, then we’re supposed to get an early spring with winter ending pretty much when it’s supposed to on March 21st.

The thing is, no matter how you slice it, that still adds up to six weeks. On the one hand you have a prediction of six additional weeks of winter, on the other you have winter ending when it’s supposed to on March 21st. From Feburary 2nd to March 21st is (you saw this coming right?) six weeks.

Oh, groundhog.org claims that there has only been one Punxsutawny Phil and that he’s been doing his thing since 1887. That too is a load of crap. Groundhogs live 5 to 8 years tops.

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2 Replies to “Punxsutawney Phil Is A Load Of Crap”

  1. You are correct on all counts. I remember though, seeing a news article (can’t remember where or
    when), that told the “truth” about Punxatawney Phil. He is supposedly of the same lineage as the first,
    but who really knows? The way I personally see it is that it’s a tradition, and the relevance or
    importance of what we have come to call Groundhog Day depends entirely on one’s point of view. If
    there are people who can have a little fun with it, where’s the harm?

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