Blogging And Job Security

Most people today incorrectly assume that their private lives are in fact private and that what they do on their own time is their business and nobody else’s. Unfortunately, in today’s world if you do not proactively work to maintain your privacy, you have none.

This has been proven true countless times when politicians, teachers, public figures, people in management jobs and countless others have dared to blog about their workplace environments. Sooner or later someone higher up gets wind of what they’ve been writing about and suddenly they’re at risk of losing their jobs or worse simply because they had something to say.

The answer is that when blogging about things that could affect your job or social position in a bad way, or even get you into lawsuit trouble because you’re trying to expose some illegal and or immoral stuff your employer is up to, you should do it anonymously.

But how DO you blog anonymously? Many would be anonymous bloggers have found out the hard way that it’s all to easy for the other side’s lawyers to get a court order and legally force their identity to be handed over.

The one answer I have seen that works is called Freenet Classic Opennet. It’s free software that lets you publish and obtain information without fear of censorship OR of having your identity revealed. Your identity cannot be revealed because nobody but you knows it. It’s a decentralized, fully anonymous network that is designed to allow true freedom of speech in a way that the conventional internet cannot.

When you write a blog on freenet, as long as you are careful about what personally identifying details you include in your writings, you remain 100% anonymous. Not only that, once you insert your newly written blog into the freenet network, nobody can alter it or force it to be taken down.

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