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The New IT Guy

Posted by Non-Hamster on February 18th, 2011

An area computer software business has recently hired a new IT security manager.  The only reason this is worth any kind of mention in the slightest is due to the amount of explaining to their clients that they are being required to do as a result of the man's overall look.

The thing is, he is a long way from the usual three piece suit sort of person. For that matter, I would bet that he has almost certainly never worn a suit and does not even own a necktie. Rather this individual prefers to wear a style that has come to be known as urban clothes together with showy jewelry known as bling.  He also has a very self-sufficient frame of mind and is often intolerant of what he perceives as ignorance.

How did he ever manage to get hired in the first place? Easy, because in spite of his many eccentricities he the best that there is in his line of work. On company executive, while talking to a customer said, "yes, he is not our normal type of employee however I will tell you that he has forgotten more about security than most people in his field will ever know."

That's it. He is good, extremely good, at what he does He knows this. So if you want to have him working for your company then you have to accept him for who he is or he will just accept one of the constant flow of offers he's always getting.

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