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It's Turning Into One Of THOSE Nights!

Posted by Non-Hamster on February 20th, 2011

Today started out pretty good.  I had about twenty writing jobs ahead of me that I figured I would have no problem getting finished in by Sunday midnight so that I could get paid for them in time to keep my internet from being turned off.

Through the day I made decent progress on them, actually getting seven of them done by the time I stopped to take a break and have some of my sausage chili for supper as I let the remaining Thirteen tasks churn in my mind a bit before going back to them.

Then it happened.  I managed to knock over my coffee mug.  It only had about half a cup left in it but that was enough to possibly do some damage (I'm still not convinced that was the cause).  At the same time my wireless mouse got knocked onto the floor, just in time to get soaked in coffee. This was the start of something that is going to have me looking for dark circles under eyes treatment because there is no way I'm gonna sleep until I can either find out what the EXACT problem is or I can at least get all that writing done.

By the time I had that mess cleaned up and was ready to get back to work, I found out that I had a problem.

It's weird.  If I click on anything in my web browser, I cannot click on ANYTHING else until I click on another program or on an empty part of my desktop.  I thought the mouse might be screwed up because of the coffee so I unplugged it and switched to the touchpad.  It didn't make any difference.  The odd behavior remained the same.

Honestly it struck me as if a key is being held down while the mouse is trying to click on this or that and it's modifying the action somehow.

That's when I decided to investigate my right shift key.  You see, it's been a little stiff for a day or two now, like there's something stuck under it.  So after watching a video showing how to do it, I tried to remove the shift key.

Not only could I not get the shift key loose, I managed to remove the enter key because I thought maybe it was in the way but in the process the impossibly small fragile plastic parts under the enter key got broken and now I have to replace it.

I really didn't need this.  Aside from damage of any kind to the only new computer I have owned in twenty six years there is the hard reality that the writing in question helps me be able to pay my bills and that since I'm already a month behind on the one that keeps my internet turned on, I need stuff to start working in my favor for once.

It might have been easier if any of certain people had not broken their word as I've already written about in another post but ....

You know, you'd think that after fifty one years I would not have to always be on the shitty end of the stick.

you'd think.

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