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One Of THE Most Annoying Things Ever

Posted by Non-Hamster on February 22nd, 2011

Has GOT to be captchas.  In particular I'm talking about the unreadable abominations that are used on youtube.  Not only are they extremely difficult to read, users get hit with them entirely too often.

I fully understand that they need some kind of "humanity test" to combat comment spam. It's a serious problem.  Yet on the other hand when I am replying to comments on my own videos I think that I should be immune to captchas and this goes double for those of us who are partners.

After all, youtube has all of the information for partners and if a partner spams they know where to find them very easily.

The creator of SocialBlade and defacto leader of the youtube orbit group Urgo6667 has made a video in which he is trying to get youtube's attention on the matter and get some positive changes made to the captcha system.

If you hate captchas (and lets face it, who doesn't?), then it would be well worth a few minutes to support this by watching this video, giving it a thumbs up on youtube, leaving a comment on it, sharing it with others who hate and have problems with captchas and favoriting it.

Let's make enough noise that youtube is forced to do something!

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