Wordless Wednesday #4

[*@^^G$R#O%W^L^#&@&&] !!

I am not a hamster but isn’t it called “Wordless Wednesday” for a reason. The idea being that it’s supposed to be a thing where the thoughts and or sentiments for that entry / post / whatever you want to call it are expressed by the picture. So far, I ‘ve personally tried to keep the WW posts that I’ve done to that standard. And then something comes along that requires more to be said and thus this edit and explanation.

This isn’t our cat, however it reminds me of one of ours because she’s been known to sit patiently, waiting very still while she is “decorated” with assorted toys after which she’ll often sit there, almost looking royal in spite of her “decorations”.

Cat and Mouse

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9 Replies to “Wordless Wednesday #4”

  1. I’m thinking of my cats with this. Of the four, one would run scared. One would want to chase and play. The other two, might just chill like that cat.

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