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The Boss

Posted by Non-Hamster on February 26th, 2011

The Boss is an interesting character.  Oh, he's not really the 'godfather' type boss that he pretends to be but he still does his best to maintain the act no matter what.  Not only that but for the most part the folks here in Nutjob Hills, even though they know full well that he's not really the big time character he pretends to be, most of them still play along and humor him anyway.

I think part of the reason they do is simply because he's a harmless older guy that never really had any real notoriety in his younger days.  Quietly working away at your basic dead end job.  I think it's harmless enough if his pretending that he is this important bigshot.

He sits at 'his' table in the Nutjob Hills diner for most of every day, drinking his coffee and smoking one of his favorite perdomo cigars. (And for those of you that scream about anti-smoking rules, I'll havge you know that the Nutjob Hills diner is one of the last places left in the western world where people won't have a royal hissy fit when you light up).

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