More Changes…

Once again I’ve got the change bug.. this time though as you can see it’s not a full blown theme change,… Well, ok, it IS a full blown theme change. It’s simple enough, I really liked the them I had finally settled on here with one exception.. Because it’s creator is German speaking, all of the comments and hard-coded text in it were in German. I am not a hamster nor do I speak or read German. Oh, I was able to puzzle out some of it with the use of Bablefish, but it was still a royal PITA to try to do much with it.

So… I ended up at this really cool site.. The WordPress Theme Generator. This thing is great. It shows you a sample blog and some controls for editing it. You make changes to it to make it look the way you want… sidebar left or right, 2nd sidebar?, colors, fonts, background images.. and so on.

Once you’re done it packages the whole thing into a zip file for you to download. From there all you do is extract the zip, upload the contents of that directory to your blog’s themes directory and then go to the presentation panel on the dashboard and select your new theme. From there you can do whatever editing to finalize it … further customize the sidebar, etc.

I’ve still got some more to do on this, but so far it’s looking pretty good and best of all the source code is in English!! (I’m not 100% thrilled by the stylesheet, but at least I can figure that out given enough time.)

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