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A Shift From The "Throwaway Mentality"

Posted by Non-Hamster on March 1st, 2011

I ran across a piece on the NYTimes site that talks about how people are starting to shift away from the tendency to throw away or replace things before they're actually worn out or used up.

Consumer spending has picked up, but for some Americans the recession has left something behind: a greater interest in making stuff last.

The first thing that I noticed is that they speak of the so-called recession (which is actually a depression but apparently nobody wants to admit it.) as if it were over.  Let me clue you in on something.  It's not even close to almost thinking about maybe being over.  Prices are still through the roof and climbing while income either remains the same or actually drops.

Simply put, people are keeping things longer because they're starting to realize that they just don't have the money to keep up with the buy buy buy mantra of the business world.

Personally, I think it's long past time for the business world to actually wake up and go back to making products that are designed to last a long time.

Granted that they might suffer some loss initially but when people realize that a company's products are more durable and last a lot longer, they'll be more inclined to buy from them when the time comes.

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  1. Lucky Luc on 01.03.2011 at 12:55 (Reply)

    Actually, there are many movements around the globe that are explaining what is really going on with the monetary system and it seems to the brink of collapse.

    To make a shift and participate in a new mentality, a revolution of the mind, check out the {link removed}

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