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There's a genuine full on "Duh Moment" happening in New Mexico.  It seems that a state Senate committee gutted a bill passed by the House that was intended to stop the practice of allowing illegal aliens to get driver's licenses.  Instead they establish stronger penalties for fraudulently getting a license.\
Governor Susan Martinez calls the Senate's actions a sham.  Her position is that giving driver's licenses to illegal immigrants is a bad idea on the grounds of it being a security risk.

My opinion?

This is a neck deep pile of stupidity.  People who enter this country illegally have shouldn't expect anything since the can't bring themselves to come here legally.

I think that if you don't have the sense to enter this country LEGALLY, then you have no right to a driver's license.  For that matter, the ONLY right you have is to leave and stay gone until you can bring yourself to enter this country legally, following the rules.

I don't mind people coming to this country one bit.  I *DO* mind when they can't bring themselves to obey our rules for entering this country.  I *DO* mind when they come here and expect us to learn their languages instead of them having the sense and courtesy to learn OURS.  It's funny how people in other countries get upset when American's go there and don't even attempt to learn the local language and customs but the don't feel the need to give US the same courtesy.

If you want to come here, great. This is a great nation (in spite of many of its leaders being certifiable idiots!).  But have the courtesy to learn and use English and obey our laws!  (I realize that some of them are pretty stupid but that's a whole other subject.)

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