Will Obama Read The Writing On The Wall?

As we move farther and farther into the Obama presidency I have noticed that those who make it a point to defend him and his policies & decisions are definitely becoming fewer and farther between.

Oh it’s not like he’s in any danger of not having a significant number of supporters any time soon. Yet it’s also true that more and more people are finding things that they don’t like and they’re much more willing to say so.

While I don’t regularly follow Fox news (or any particular news source really, I tend to skim from several), I ran across a poll today that kind of illustrates what I’m saying.

The question asked was Has Obama Done a Good Job Handling the Libyan Situation?

As I write this there have been 97,418 total votes. Here’s how they break down. Oh, for the record, I voted “No” in this poll.

Not sure — Obama proceeded with caution, but did he wait too long? 3.36% (3,272 votes)

Yes — He was correct to wait. Now it’s time for Plan B. 5.62% (5,473 votes)

No — Obama’s inaction gave Qaddafi a lifeline. 89.23% (86,929 votes)

Other (post a comment) 1.79% (1,744 votes)

I’d say that this is one indicator that the days of people blindly jumping on his bandwagon are about over.

I just hope it means that he will NOT be re-elected.

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