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Summer's Coming And I Want 'Real' Shades

Posted by Non-Hamster on April 4th, 2011

Summer is fast approaching and with it comes many long days that will feature hours upon hours more daylight than the Winter or even Spring.  Sunlit days that are, as usual, going to be entirely to bright for my taste.  Although to be more accurate, it's not really a matter of taste, I've always been sensitive to bright light and the bright summer sun actually makes it painful to go outside and face the daylight.

It might be at least bearable if only I could wear "real" sunglasses.  Unfortunately however, because I've been wearing prescription glasses since I was about twelve or so, I cannot wear regular sunglasses because they don't fit over my regular glasses.

And no, wearing "clip-on" sunglasses just doesn't cut it.  Oh they work to a degree but you see, by their very nature they cannot provide complete wrap around protection.  There's *always* quite a bit of super bright sunlight getting around or under them.  Light that a good pair of wraparound shades would block.

This counts as one of the many reasons that I am working to make my youtube partnership a financial success.  I hope to someday be able to afford Lasik treatment so that I won't need glasses anymore or failing that, at least be able to switch to contact lenses.  Either solution would allow me to wear the "real" shades that I cannot wear now.

Maybe then I might enjoy summer more.  At least until it got unbearably hot that is.

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