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Most Neighborhoods Have One

Posted by Non-Hamster on April 10th, 2011

Well, most "not financially well off neighborhoods" would be more accurate.  I'm talking about the kind of person that not long after they move in they start collecting vehicles.  These vehicles end up parked in their front yard, in the street in front of the house and anywhere else that they can find room for them.  Basically it doesn't take more than a month or to for it to start looking like a junkyard.

Here in Nutjob Hills we've got one that's just gotten started a few weeks ago.  This guy is collecting motor homes (he's got a BIG yard).  In spite of the fact that he's only moved in three weeks ago, it already looks like he's running a rv repair shop because of how many of them he's got in various stages of disrepair.

I will say this for him.  He seems to be actually fixing these old hulks up and selling them because while he always has four or five of them parked in his yard they do seem to be changing every few days.  Most of the time something like this will have the same four to ten vehicles parked and the only time it changes is when they get another one.

In spite of the fact that it looks like he's actually doing legitimate business most of the neighbors are, to say the least, less than thrilled about how the place looks.  There's actually been some talk of trying to get him to at least put up an eight foot high privacy fence so that it won't make the neighborhood look like a junk yard.

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