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Grandfather Clocks

Posted by Non-Hamster on October 19th, 2007

Howard Miller Shreveport Grandfather ClockOk, I'm going to date myself with this question but here goes... How many remember Captain Kangaroo?  Some of my earliest memories (of the ones that involve television that is) are of watching the Captain, Mr. Moose and that crazy rabbit.  The carrots, the ping pong balls... I honestly don't remember much of the details because I probably haven't seen it in over 45 years or more now.  I remember the sets were very basic, kinda cardboard looking.  The one exception to that was the grandfather clock... complete with the face imposed on the clock-face.  In any event I am not a hamster, I've appreciated grandfather clocks ever since then.

Just for grins I took some time to look around for a picture and came up with the one shown here, a Howard Miller Shreveport Grandfather Clock.  Of course this gem isn't exactly like the one the Captain used to talk to, but it's similar at least.  While I was looking I saw that the same site had a really impressive assortment of Howard Miller clocks.  It looked like they've got just about every variation made.

While exploring the site I nearly missed the link to their blog and I'm glad I didn't.  Any clock fancier could do a good deal of reading there.  One of the things like about it is that it's not just all about the business of selling clocks, they take time out to throw in some humor as well, like this post that was good for a chuckle.

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