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Episode 4 of Bob's Minecraft Adventure

Posted by Non-Hamster on May 21st, 2011

The latest on Bob's (he's the obnoxious snot pictured at the top of this blog) Minecraft adventure is in.  After four days in the Minecraft universe he has managed to dig quite a way down and has even gotten a good start in getting an underground base established.  No doubt he will soon begin a branch mining operation as well.

When he finally returns to this world however I'm going to have more than a few bones to pick with him.  Not only is there the incredible mess he left in his room but there's also the matter of his having signed me up for a free dating online service.  Apparently he thinks that I need to hook up with someone and while I have to admit I'd like to do that, I think that his signing me up for something without asking me first is more than a little presumptuous.

Then there's his idea of how to decorate his room.  Aside from the hideous mess I already mentioned, there's the matter of his having plastered the walls and ceiling with centerfolds.  I might not care so much but the problem is that he's used tape that is going to peel paint off of the walls when it's removed and I can't afford to repaint it.

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