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Bob's Not The Only One MineCrafting

Posted by Non-Hamster on June 9th, 2011

Lately I've mentioned Bob and the adventure he's having where he was transported to an alternate universe where Minecraft is real yet in all of that I've neglected my own Minecraft adventure. 

Granted, mine is simply another "Let's Play" video series with nothing fancy like being sent to an alternate universe or anything but it's still pretty good even if I *DO* say so myself.

Besides, with him in an alternate universe I'm finding out just how much mail he gets.  For example I've spent the last several days forwarding no less than 37 birthday party invitations to him.  How he gets so many of those is beyond me.  In any event, he's been enjoying his time in that universe so much that I'm kinda doubting that he's going to be attending very many of them for a while.  Right now it's looking like he may not want to ever return.

In my own adventures I've done a reasonably decent job of getting a base put together and have gotten a very successful branch mine started.  The thing is thought that I've spent all of my time so far in a fairly small local area near my original spawn point.

I decided that since the game generates a world that's eight times the size of Earth that it only makes sense for me to get out and see some of it.  Therefore in this episode I'm leaving home for a while to see what's out there.

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